Ride Like a Pro

What Every Dirt Bike Rider Needs

Dirt biking is a really great sport. Sometimes, we ask ourselves is dirt biking really a dangerous sport?

But the question whether dirt biking is a safe sport or not lies on how much safety measures you are ready to take before heading off to the track.

Any way, wondering on whether dirt biking is a safe sport? Read this post for more information.

Want to become a competent dirt bike rider? Here are some dirt bike accessories you must have.

Maxima SC1

I can bet that if you visit any garage of a dirt bike rider, you won’t miss Maxima SC1. This is the real deal.

I’m not asking you to buy it because everyone has it. No, not at all.

It’s because I can vouch for this product. You can buy Maxima SC1 from Amazon by using this link.

Besides the scented air freshener that is included, Maxima SC1 is water-resistant and will prevent mud and road grime from building up on your dirt bike.

Fox Racing Titan Pro Knee

Dirt biking can be very rough if you fail to take all the necessary measures.

Motocross knee injuries are common. So, what do you need to do to avoid injuring your knee?

Grab Fox Racing Titan Pro Knee from Amazon and save yourself the pain.

Actually, you should have this knee brace before hitting the trails.

Oakley Adult Goggles

This one I tend to believe is one nice to have dirt biking accessory.

Though most goggles available in the market have great features and get the job done.

I love these ones because of the optimized peripheral vision as well as protection against UVC, UVB and UVA.

You can grab your Oakley Adult Googles by following this link.

Leatt Unisex Adult Neck Brace

Here’s another must-have dirt biking accessory. There’s no question about this.

Neck injuries can be fatal. And according to research, the use of neck braces will go a long way in ensuring your safety.

Here’s some interesting data on the use of neck braces.

Just buy your Leatt Neck Brace to prevent serious injuries to your neck.

Tie Downs

Since in most states dirt bikes are not street legal. I’ll advise you to get a Tie Down so that you can load your dirt bike onto your truck.

Tie Downs are built with a soft hook system on one end and a latched hook on the other.

If you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the law, then just transport your dirt bike to the trails on your truck or pick-up.

You can easily get these Tiedown straps from Amazon. Buy yours now using this link.

Gas Can

Dirt bike trails and motocross tracks don’t have gas stations along the way.

If you won’t carry your gas, then I can picture you watching the race from the sideline.

Getting a large gallon can keep you on the trails all afternoon.

Buy a gas can today and enjoy riding your dirt bike stress-free.