How to Tell Your Child Is Ready for a Dirt Bike

So, one day you wake up, and your kids tell you that they are ready to start riding dirt bikes and they need you to get them one.

What are you going to do? How are you going to feel? The truth is that this could be a unique moment of joy or panic for you. You will stop, think, and sometimes, you may fail to get the right answer for your young one who is eager to head out and enjoy a ride.

One of the most critical questions that may cross your mind at this stage is; “are your kids ready to ride dirt bikes?” This is a good question, and luckily, we are going to guide you in making the right conclusion.

The truth is that we all love dirt bikes and the more your kids see you riding, the more they want to try out sooner than later. In fact, some kids consider it as a great achievement in their life the moment they head out riding a dirt bike on their own.

But, as with most things in our lives, there is no one specific way to tell whether your kids are ready to ride dirt bikes. You need to evaluate a wide range of factors and make a serious decision that should favor both you and your loved one.

 If you think that it is time to let your little one ride a dirt bike, youwill have to go out, evaluate the available options, and make sure that you are choosing the right dirt bike for your kid.To determine whether your kids are ready for dirt bikes, you will have to consider a lot of things such as:

  • How old is your kid?
  • How old to start riding dirt bikes?
  • Who or what has influenced them to start thinking about riding dirt bikes?
  • How young is too young to start riding dirt bikes?
  • Can your kid comprehend the various safety concerns?
  • Is it time to enroll your little one into a riding class?
  • Do kids who start learning how to ride dirt bikes at an early age have an advantage over those who wait until they are older?
  • What size of a dirt bike is a perfect choice for beginners?
  • Should you allow your kid to start participating in competitions?
  • Are your kids old enough to withstand the challenges that come with dirt bike riding?

The specific answers to these questions are up to you, and there are no right or wrong answers. You need to keep in mind that every child out there is different and the only person who understands your child best is you.

This is the moment that you need to be sober at thinking and evaluate every query critically before you draft a response to it. You should also take the time to assess the level of preparedness of your little one before you make your final decision.

Are they fearless? Are they good at doing things the first time? Your responses will also inform the various tips for teachingkids how to ride dirt bikes along the way.

How Old to Start Riding Dirt Bikes?

This is one of the most challenging questions for parents and guardians who want to introduce their loved ones to dirt bike riding.

In fact, this concern forms the basic foundation when it comes to addressing the question; “are your kids ready to ride dirt bikes?” Fortunately, there is no predetermined age when your kids are supposed to start riding dirt bikes.

Personally, I have seen children as young as three years old racing, and they are good at it. However, kids below the age of three years may have a hard time navigating the track and observing safety precautions.

According to experts, age has nothing to do with the level of preparedness of the kid. It is more about maturity and the motor skills that your kid displays. Are you asking yourself how old to start riding dirt bikes?

Well, the most critical thing that you need to do is to assess your kid’s maturity level and make sure that they are mature enough to handle the huge responsibility of controlling a bike and they possess the right skills to ride it.

You need to remember the fact that it is your responsibility to assess your kid’s strengths and weaknesses and evaluate whether they display an impressive level of preparedness for what lies ahead.

Irresponsible parents may get their kids in the saddle before assessing the maturity level or the motor skills that their young ones possess. This is a grave mistake that can lead to life-threatening accidents.

Kids as young as three years old can start their adventures on small electric dirt bikes, and they can comfortably ride the 50cc dirt bikes at an early age of four years.

At the age of six years, they can be zipping around without the standard training wheels and even taking small jumps on the real dirt bikes. If you have an eight-year-old, who is good at what they are doing, you will probably find it hard to stop them from competing in races.

Some parents also tend to think that dirt bike riding is a male thing and that their little girls shouldn’t be allowed to ride. This is a common misconception that you shouldn’t fall prey to.

You need to keep in mind that both boys and girls can race and you will be surprised to learn that your little girl may be more ready to ride a dirt bike than your boy.

 Today, anyone can ride a dirt bike regardless of their gender, and there is nothing wrong with that. Typically, girls race with boys until they reach an age of 14 or 15 years where they join the women classes.

The women classes are designed to help teen drivers develop into excellent adult riders that can compete competitively in motocross racing. Don’t deny your young a chance to ride a dirt bike just because she is a girl unless there is another reason to do so.

How Can You Be Sure That Your Kids Are Ready to Start Riding Dirt Bikes?

Are your kids ready to ride dirt bikes? As mentioned earlier, every child is different, and it’s all about observing the level of preparedness and the motor skills that your child possesses.

  • One of the easiest ways to tell that your child is ready to take on a dirt bike is to monitor their level of interest.

For instance, a four-year-old kid who is always asking you lots of questions regarding dirt bikes and motocross sport might be more ready than a six-year-old kid who never shows any interest in dirt bikes.

What you want to avoid at this stage is forcing your little one into something that he/she doesn’t like. Even if you are a dirt bike enthusiast, never assume that your kid will automatically be interested in the sport. All of us are different, and each one of us has his /her own passion and talents.

  • The other thing you need to evaluate is how strong their hands are. This is also one of the core tips for teaching kids how to ride dirt bikes. This is a simple thing, but many parents out there tend to overlook it.

You need to remember the fact that riding dirt bikes is a skill that involves applying brakes firmly and turning the throttle steadily. Kids with weak hands may not be able to perform these tasks quite reliably and safely.

I don’t mean that your kid should have the strength of a muscle builder in their hands to start riding dirt bikes. No. However, you need to make sure that they are at least strong enough to control the bike without much hassle for their own safety.

  • You should also evaluate whether your kid has exceptional coordination skills since 90% of dirt bike riding is about coordination. This is a control game, and any slight mistake can be deadly. Dirt bike riding will test your kid’s reflexes and their level of response to surprises.

You should only allow your little one to ride if they have fully developed split-second reflexes to coordinate their responses.

And, knowing whether your kid is already at this point is easy. Simply ask him/her to show you the various parts of the dirt bike and let them tell you their uses if possible. A child who is sharp enough won’t hesitate to show you common components such as the brake, clutch, throttle, and the fuel tank.

  • Can your kid judge obstacles appropriately? All of us can agree that riding dirt bikes is all about being alert and knowing how to navigate around the various obstacles.

Therefore, before you allow your little one to go racing, make sure that they can steer around things quite well.

You can test their capability of judging obstacles using a bicycle or tricycle. If you discover that they can’t judge obstacles appropriately, then don’t take the risk of putting them on a dirt bike.

It won’t hurt to take some time to help them hone their skills and improve on their judgment before you let them start riding dirt bikes. It only takes a simple misjudgment for a tragic dirt bike accident to happen and that fact should sink in your head while making your decision.

  • Lastly, you can also test their level of patience to determine whether they are ready for dirt bikes. A kid who is ready must always focus on the road.

Regardless of their talent and physical abilities, if they can’t concentrate on the road, they aren’t ready for that experience. Don’t allow a kid who has problems when it comes to focusing go riding on their own.

If you think that your kid can make a better rider, but he/she tend to lose focus, train him/her on how to remain focused while on the road to avoid problems. It may be hard, but with time, they will learn a thing or two and become better riders.

Why Should You Allow Your Kid Ride Dirt Bikes?

Some parents freak out at the idea of their loved one riding dirt bikes. But, why is it so? Well, some people believe that dirt bike riding is dangerous while others can’t entertain the idea since they think that acquiring a dirt bike is quite expensive.

Well, the truth is that there are lots of reasons why you should allow your child to ride dirt bikes. We can’t deny the fact that these machines are simply cool and it is good to give your little one the best things in life.

But, if you still think that it isn’t a good idea to let your kid ride dirt bikes, then you need to think again. Depending on how old they are, having meaningful conversations with your kid about dirt bike riding can go a long way in ensuring that they know what is expected of them all the time. You will also encounter lots of tips for teaching kids how to ride dirt bikes that will be helpful along the way.

Dirt bikes are a fantastic tool for teaching responsibility since you will teach your young ones how they need to be responsible for their own safety.

With time, your young one will start to understand that they are never supposed to ride without putting on their protective gear and they are never supposed to exceed the recommended speed limits.

Although it is a fun sport, dirt bike riding will teach your kids how to be responsible in life and the importance of following instructions all the time.

Allowing your little one to ride dirt bikes also means that you will start to spend a lot of time with your loved one teaching them valuable life lessons.

With time, you will realize that dirt bike riding is a core family activity, and you will start to witness the fruits of close bonding. Research shows that families that ride together stay together and develop a unique understanding of each other.

Sometimes, dirt bike riding may go beyond the family since it will help you establish strong relationships with other riders who you meet along the way. There is always a massive sense of community and belonging that is highly supportive and understanding.

After all, who doesn’t making new friends that share common interests?

Riding is also healthy for your little one, especially the off-road riding. This is the primary reason why the motocross and off-road racers are always in such good shape.

Riding a dirt bike is an incredible physical activity that engages the whole body as well as the mind.

When your child starts to engage in dirt bike riding, their reflexes will start to improve since they will be getting plenty of exercises. Their mental acuity will also become sharper which will impress you.

Most importantly, allowing your kid to start riding dirt bikes will make them too busy to get into trouble. Once they start riding, they won’t want to stop and most of their free time will be dedicated to honing their skills so that they become better riders.

This is one of the top reasons why the question of how old to start riding dirt bikes should bother you so much. If you feel like they are ready, give them a chance to prove themselves to prevent them from engaging in non-productive activities during their free time.

Just make sure that you are extra careful when choosing the right dirt bike for your kid.

Tips for Teaching Kids to Ride a Dirt Bike

Apart from choosing the right dirt bike for your kid, you need to spend a lot of time with him/her teaching them various things and helping them become better riders.

Remember the fact that these are just kids and they are prone to making a lot of mistakes during their first few days. It is your responsibility to make them feel confident about their dirt bikes over time.

If you are going to let your kid start riding dirt bikes, the following tips for teaching kids how to ride dirt bikes will be helpful.

  • First, you should start on a flat and straight road to avoid issues. The first experience is everything, and it will make or break your kid’s ambition of riding dirt bikes.

Avoid sandy or muddy roads that may pose significant challenges to your little one the first time. Instead, find a flat and straight dirt road where you will help them hone their skills. Make sure that there is no traffic to avoid destructions and make the whole experience a lot more fun.

A good road will ensure that the kid stays on the bike for long and they don’t crash. For the first time, don’t make your kids do the 180 degrees turn at all. Just go straight and stop when you feel like the kid is exhausted.

  • Teach them on how to stay safe all the time. There is a lot of interesting information out there regarding dirt bike safety that you need to know.

Safety is a critical element of dirt bike riding regardless of your skill level. If you make a few tweaks to the way your kids ride, you can help them avoid up to 90% or more of the common dirt bike injuries.

Make sure that you get the right safety gear for your little one and stress the point of wearing it all the time before they jump on to the dirt bike. Find them a fitting body suit, helmet, quality boots, sunglasses, and any other safety equipment that they will need.

  • Never get frustrated and make them understand that it is okay to crash at some point. The worst thing that you can do is to get frustrated with your little one when teaching them how to ride a dirt bike.

They are already feeling intimidated with the massive and powerful size of the bike, and the last thing they need is another frustration. Instead, you should work hard to build their confidence and help them understand that they can become better riders even if they make mistakes.

  • Don’t be afraid to let them know that they will crash at some point but that shouldn’t deter their effort. Many children feel nervous about being hurt, but they won’t feel bad when they finally crash since you will have prepared them psychologically.
  • You should also let them take a rest and water breaks whenever they feel like. When the kids are riding, their bodies usually sweat like crazy from the adrenaline and handling the heavy bikes.

Frequent rests and water breaks will help them cool down and re-energize for the next trip. Let them drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration.


Introducing your kids to riding dirt bikes is something that you must evaluate carefully and determine whether your little one is ready to take on the challenge.

This isn’t something that you can wake up one morning and conclude that you have a decisive answer. Take time to observe your kid keenly and take note of any exceptional characteristics or skills that can help you make a sober and informed decision.

Don’t be deceived by the age of your child. Some kids might be as young as three years, but they are more than ready to take on the challenge while another kid as old as eight years old may not be ready to start riding dirt bikes.

It is all about passion and the desire to learn. We also can’t deny the fact that teaching your kid how to ride a dirt bike can be challenging, expensive, and time-consuming.

But the idea of putting a smile on the face of your loved one should be a sufficient motivation to keep you going. The joy of seeing your little one ride a dirt bike is highly infectious, and it can last a lifetime.

Don’t be afraid to grab that opportunity to spread the love to the next generation whenever you feel like your kid is ready to start riding dirt bikes. g

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