Does My Dirt Bike Need a Title?

do i need a dirt bike title

When it comes to buying a dirt bike, it’s normal to be worried about the dirt bike title. After all, vehicles need a legal transfer of ownership commonly referred to as a bill of sale. I hope that I will be able to answer all your questions and take that burden away. So, does your dirt bike need a title?

Titles are your way of proving ownership of the dirt bike. However, titles are not a common feature when buying or selling a dirt bike, more so when you are selling older models. Having a title is vital. The majority of states don’t require titles as proof of ownership, but laws can change to make sellers include them in their transactions.

Do I Need a Title for My Dirt Bike?

In most cases, dirt bikes don’t have titles. Some states issue titles to these bikes. What owners get when buying the bikes is a bill of sale.

If you live in a state that requires registering of the bikes, you can use the bill of sale to register your bike.

However, even those states don’t need a title. The owner needs to show up with the relevant documents for the VIN check.

Check with your local DMV to know if the state requires you to register your dirt bike.

If the state doesn’t need owners to have a registration document, then get your bill of sale and keep it in a safe place as its proof of ownership.

Dirt bike titles are uncommon. Even new bikes don’t have these titles. There is a need for them to have this document from a legal standpoint.

If your bike doesn’t have a title, you need some legal document as proof of ownership.

What Is a Dirt Bike Bill of Sale?

It’s a legal document the seller issues to the buyer for the purchase of the dirt bike.

This document details the date of sale, place, and the cost of the item. It is proof of ownership of the item you purchase.

Should I Get a License for My Dirt Bike?

Nearly all states don’t need dirt bikes owners to have a valid license or get a liability insurance cover.

However, half of the states have age restrictions and require young riders to be supervised by adults while riding.

A third of these states require you to have a rider training certificate just for the minors.

Therefore, it’s safe to say that different states have different requirements regarding titling and dirt bike registration, and it’s better to make inquiries in your state to learn more.

States have different laws pertaining to ATVs, four-wheeler, or three-wheeler more so when safety certification and rider age is concerned.

As much as your state may not require a license, it’s not legal to ride on the streets. You need a street bike license to ride in the paved sections.

What Should I Do With My Dirt Bike Title?

Keep the document safe regardless of whether you are the first owner or not.

Keep track of the dirt bike as the ownership document can save you some trouble, and you can sell the bike with that title.

If you live in a state that requires dirt bikes to have a title or registration, ensure yours is registered. Buy only use dirt bikes with proper documents.

How Old D I Have to Be to Acquire a Dirt Bike License?

Licenses are a must for any operator who rides on the roadway. You must be 16 years old or older to get a license.

The learner’s permit is given to 14 years old riders. However, 14 years old rider must be supervised by a licensed motorcycle operator who is at least 19 years old.

Dirt bike operators below 18 years need a 6-month instruction permit. Once you have met the minimum age, you will get a license, and your dirt bike license plate like in the state of California. Observe traffic rules when riding on public roads.

The license restrictions are purposely there to ensure that riders understand the traffic rules and don’t cause accidents or unnecessary inconvenience to other road users.

Whatever the case, remember to choose right and consider all the purchase advice issued below.

The guide helps you meet the age appropriateness and avoid giving your kid a powerful bike they can’t handle.

Where Is My Dirt Bike VIN Located?

A VIN is the vehicle identification number that is unique to every vehicle. Dirt bikes have a VIN, which helps you know whether your bike is stolen or acquired legally.

You can check the VIN against the DMV database before buying a used dirt bike.

The VIN identifies the dirt bike in detail, including model and specific make. Besides, it has the year it was manufactured and the type of parts it uses.

This information makes it possible for the owner to get spare parts online for any specific dirt bike model and make.

You will need the VIN data to do that, which makes fixing any issues in your bike easy.

VINs have many purposes for every manufacturer. It gives detailed data like the model repair, where the bike came from, and its age.

Where Can I Find My Dirt Bike VIN?

Check around the steering component of that dirt bike. Check the right-hand side closer to its underbelly or the casing.

Some dirt bikes have their VIN around the cylinders, closer to the motor. It’s important to remember not to buy stolen dirt bikes.

In most cases, stolen dirt bikes have the details forwarded to the police, and the VIN will be in the database.

To avoid any criminal wrongdoing, you should check the VIN of the used dirt bike you are buying against that database.

A VIN has seventeen digits, which is vital for any dirt bike owner to know.

Write the number somewhere safe as it may help you in case your dirt bike is stolen. You can report to the police, and if it comes up on sale, you will find it.

Are the Dirt Bike VIN Always Located in the Same Area?

No. Different manufacturers choose to place them in different places but around the same area as the rest.

Every brand has a different VIN. Some are found on the neck of that bike while most are found closer to the steering head.

So what does that mean? Every company chooses a different place.

Ensure the bike is clean to help you find the VIN quickly. Mud can keep the number out of sight, and you can struggle to see it or read it.

After cleaning all parts, look at the neck of your dirt bike, turn the steering head away from you and check the underbelly or the upper body.

The VIN is a unique inscription that you can’t miss. Most companies put the details closer to the bike’s engine closer to the cylinder.

If you still don’t see it, you should check the wheel properly. These are the only three places where the manufacturer can put that vital information.

So, when you check the first location and don’t see it, don’t give up. Continue looking in those other places until you find the VIN.

What Is the Meaning of the Dirt Bike VIN Letters?

The seventeen numbers are significant on that dirt bike. It’s not any random combination or decoration.

Each digit or set of numbers has details that the owner can use to understand the bike well.

The information includes the purpose of the bike, return to owner capabilities, repairs, and original use.

The first three numbers commonly referred to as the World Manufacturer Identifier informs you of the region where that particular dirt bike was made.

The third number identifies the type of vehicle. In total, the three number tells you more about the manufacturer and where it was specifically made.

The next set of numbers from 4-9 are referred to as Vehicle Descriptor Section.

They tell you about the model and the kind of engine the dirt bike is using. Plus, it tells you the styling aspects of that bike.

The ninth number in the sequence ensures that your VIN is correct.

Numbers 10-17 are the Vehicle Identifier Section. These are essential numbers that inform you of the kind of paperwork to expect and how you will identify the bike as stated in the name.

The tenth number specifically identifies the marketing year, which is the year the dirt bike was created then sold.

Other figures from 11-17 inform you of the part and the kind of upgrades you can use for the bike.

What Is the Use of These Dirt Bike VINs?

The purpose of the VIN is to identify the dirt bike and who owns that bike. You also learn about where it came from, like the state and the age of the bike.

Manufacturer information is also given there and is vital. All these digits are important to the companies and the new owner as you can use the information and your registration document or bill of sale to prove ownership of the dirt bike.

Do Older Dirt Bike Models Have a Title?

No older dirt bike model has a title, whether it was sold in the 70s or 80s. What you will find is the bill of sale from the dealer.

There is no title for these bikes. You are allowed to use the bill of sale and the VIN to prove ownership of the dirt bike.

Do I Need to Register My Dirt Bike?

According to most state laws, all ATV and even dirt bikes operating on roadways need to be registered.

So, what does this mean? You have to register your dirt bike if you intend to ride it on the streets or roads for public safety.

It’s legal to drive your dirt bikes on the roadway provided it’s registered, and they are classified as a motorcycle and need to have a proper license.

So, if you have any thoughts of riding on the public roads, start getting your license right away to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

Can I Insure My Dirt Bike?

Don’t confuse dirt bike insurance with motorcycle insurance. In most states, there is no legal requirement that dirt bikes be insured.

However, the owner is at liberty to insure the dirt bike for safety reasons. If you decide on coverage, it will be under the vehicle insurance policy.

Because unmodified dirt bikes are not entirely street legal, few states require them to be insured.

Can I Ride My Dirt Bike in the Neighborhood?

Yes, it is legal in most states to ride your bike on city streets. In many US cities with open wilderness, some laws allow you to ride off-road vehicles.

You can use the specific regulations to ride on the roads as long as you are traveling in off-road areas.

Please, take note that it’s not all about riding in the tarmac roads, but off-road. Don’t confuse the two.

Check with your city laws to know the limitations. Remember, different states have different restrictions and regulations that can allow you or prohibit you from using your dirt bikes the way you want.

Do I Need a License to Ride My Dirt Bike on the Streets?

Off-road dirt bikes don’t need an operator’s license. You also don’t need a liability license for that.

This law applies in all most all states. However, half of these states have age restrictions on riders.

Some states require that riders have supervision if they are minors.

A third of these states will need the supervisor to have a rider training certificate when supervising riders who are minors.

Can I Ride My Dirt Bike in Private Property?

Absolutely yes, it’s probably the only place you can ride your dirt bike without breaking the law.

You can go full throttle with your 4-stroke or 2-stroke engine without paying any land-use fees or riding fees or taking up space on the dirt bike fees.

Only if it’s your land or your friends, family as long as you have an arrangement.

Can I Ride My Dirt Bike in a Park?

Public parks are no go zones for dirt bikes. Park security and police will only allow street-legal vehicles on the roads or parks.

You can inquire from your local authority to know if that has changed, but I know the law is still the same in virtually all states.

How Old Should I Be to Ride My Dirt Bike Off-Road?

According to new regulations, there is a specification for recreational off-road vehicles, whether all-terrain or otherwise.

The new rules put restrictions on where you can ride if you are 14 or 15 years old, 12 or 13 years old, and 6 to 11 years old.

Check with your respective local authority to know what your restrictions dictate.

Why Should I Ride a Dirt Bike?

Unlike all other motorized vehicles, riding this type of bike makes you a better street rider.

It is scary at the beginning, but it gets easier with time, and you start to enjoy it. Dirt bikes come in different types.

There are models for kids and those for adults. You can get the best dirt bike for an 8 year old if you have young kids of that age.

Young kids love the thrill of riding a dirt bike, and you need to be there for them to have fun together.

However, it’s vital that you choose whether you want to get them electric dirt bike for an 8 year old or the gas dirt bike for an 8 year old.

What Kind of Dirt Bikes Can an 8 Year Old Ride?

There are varieties of dirt bikes suitable for 8 year old kids. If you have a kid of this age, you need to carefully choose the best dirt bike for 8 year old kids.

There are plenty of options to consider, but you need to know the weight, strength, and size of the kid.

Kids have different heights, weights, and strengths. There are dirt bikes for any kid, depending on their physique and strength.

You can buy your kid the best dirt bike for an 8 year old kid, if its what you want for them.

Girls don’t have the same strength as boys. So, their kind of bikes will be different from what a boy will want for a bike.

In short, there is no one size fits all type of solution to your question. You have to go through the various bikes for age 8 and choose wisely.


Now that you know what a title and bill of sale are, you can check your state requirements to see if you need a title or not.

When it comes to riding on the road, you will definitely need a license as dirt bikes are allowed in off-road areas or trails.

Registration is not a must, but laws can change, and when they do, you should be ready.

Therefore, keep the bill of sale in a safe place to avoid inconveniences later.

Pick the most appropriate dirt bike for your 8 year old and supervise the kid as he/she rides to prevent accidents.

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