What Are the Best Dirt Bike Options for Beginners?

It would be perfectly understandable if a beginner saw the dirt bikes that moto professionals ride and wish to purchase one of them.

Unfortunately, however, despite how exciting the prospect may be, it would most likely not be a wise decision.

Such bikes are the ones you should strive to ride in the future once you’re competent enough.

What you need right is a bike whose skill level you can quickly master before you’re ready to ride on an advanced level.

Here is a post I wrote on choosing the right dirt bike.

The goal is always to go a step higher on the hierarchy.

Here’s a list of the best dirt bikes for beginners.

Coleman CT200U

The Coleman CT200U doesn’t have much in the name of power but it provides adequate training for beginners.

The maximum speed is a modest 24 miles per hour. You’ll, therefore, learn to handle a dirt bike at low speeds before you can graduate to a faster one.

One advantage of purchasing this bike is that you can easily modify it once you’re ready to ride faster.

It’s easy to get spare parts for Coleman CT200U on Amazon and any other stores.

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You’ll be able to increase the bike’s speed by up to 10 miles an hour. Another advantage of purchasing the Coleman CT200U is that it’s cheap.

A notable aspect about the bike is that its engine is a pull start. Such engines are known to occasionally pose a few difficulties when one attempts to start them.

Choosing to buy this bike will require a bit of skill with a wrench should the situation call for it. The Coleman CT200U fetches quite a competitive price over at Amazon.

Razor MX 650 Electric Motorcross Bike

The Razor MX 650 is formidable on tough terrain. A quality that highlights the reliability of its dual suspensions.

It is, therefore, ideal for beginners wishing to take a crack at challenging territory.

The top speed you can achieve is 17 miles per hour. The power required to achieve such a speed will be provided by a 650-watt motor.

The bike is electric powered and will require you to occasionally recharge its battery.

The main feature that makes Razor MX 650 a suitable bike for beginners is its brakes and handlebars.

The bike is also affordable since you can get it on Amazon at fair prices. You can have a look at it here.

The bike’s front and rear-braking system is impeccably built and can be relied upon to bring it to a halt whenever necessary.

The same quality extends to its handlebars which yield full control to the rider.

Metal Motorsports 70cc Dirt Bike

The Metal Motorsports dirt bike is in its element in the trails most commonly found in rural areas.

The perfect place for a beginner to start his/her training. The bike can achieve a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

This speed is neither too high nor too modest which ensures that the rider will at least enjoy a sliver of enjoyment while undergoing training.

The bike has a four-stroke 70cc engine that features auto-clutch transmission.

Any beginner to dirt biking needs a dirt bike which has readily available spare parts.

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Motovox 70 cc Dirt Bike

The first feature that will catch your eye on the Motovox dirt bike will be its strong frame designed to cope with the rigors of harsh terrain.

The Motovox combines affordability along with the reliability and excellence that you find in top-of-the-range dirt bikes.

You can purchase one of these bikes from Amazon at an affordable price.

The bike has an easy kick start 70cc engine and a sturdy build which is manageable for a beginner.

It also gives the rider leeway to push it a little harder once he/she has gained some mastery and wishes to be adventurous.

Honda CRF125F

The Honda CRF 125F offers you two choices depending on your height. You could either choose the big wheel model or the standard version.

What differentiates the former from the latter is a higher saddle, larger wheels, and a further extended swing-arm.

The purpose of both options is to ensure that buyers select the bike they’ll be most comfortable on.

The bike has a 125 cc air-cooled engine, a four-speed gearbox and pro-link suspension which guarantees an exciting time for beginners going for their first ride.

The attention to detail employed in the making of the engine also extends to the handling and braking as well.

A front disc brake will always be on hand to limit movement while the handlebars will ensure the bike responds as desired.

It’s easy to get spare parts for this beast. You can click here to buy spare parts from Amazon.

Yamaha YZ125

The Yamaha YZ125 is remarkably light and agile weighing a mere 207 pounds.

The lightness makes it easier to handle which serves to make it ideal for a beginner.

This bike has been consistently improved since the 1970s which explains why it’s currently considered to be one of the best two-stroke bikes available today.

Additionally, the spare parts are easily accessible. You can buy yours from Amazon by clicking here.

The chief advantage the Yamaha YZ125 offers beginners is the opportunity to safely learn while having a great deal of fun.

The bike’s nimble handling coupled with its snappy 125cc engine ensures that he/she is able to control it well in trails and on the track.

Yamaha TTR-230

The Yamaha TTR-230 has long enjoyed a reputation as one of the most versatile bikes on the market today.

The advantage for beginners is that they can train with it despite the power it possesses.

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Moreover, the bike’s durability guarantees that you’ll be riding it for many years to come while your skills improve.

A beginner can comfortably cruise through trails and dirt-roads as they grow accustomed to the feel of the bike.

Once they get more confident, they can utilize the bikes power to take on rocky and hilly areas.

An additional quality that makes the Yamaha TTR-230 ideal for beginners is its low seat height.

The convenient height is meant to ensure that beginners have their feet firmly on the ground.

Coolster 125cc Manual Clutch Dirt Bike

The Coolster features a four stroke 125 cc engine that is cooled automatically. The bike’s top speed is 70 km/h. The key advantages of this bike have to do with price and power.

The Coolster fetches a fair $665 which is a great price for a beginner who wants to get a feel of the dirt bike experience.

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Despite its small size, the bike is also capable of carrying a rider who weighs 200 pounds. Thus, a case for inclusivity can also be made.

Honda CRF 150F

The Honda CRF 150F is a dirt-bike that was specifically designed for use by families. The efforts made to make it family-friendly have coincidentally made it ideal for beginners.

It features a low seat and an engine that is considerably less aggressive than the CRF 150 version.

The bike’s tempered features make it ideal for both people who are transitioning to dirt-bikes and people who’ve never handled a motorcycle before.

The Honda CRF 150F weighs 233 pounds and has no kick starter.

You can easily get spare parts for Honda CRF150. What is even more amazing is how cheap they can be.

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Honda CRF 250X

Beginners who happen to be tall should go for the Honda CRF 250X and take advantage of the high seat placement.

You can even buy these Honda CRF250 seats cheaply on Amazon. Check the price here.

They will appreciate the electric start which helps them to quickly stop and launch the engine when they find themselves in terrain that demands that they do so.

The bike also has large front and rear wheels (21 and 18 inches consecutively) which allow it to easily glide over inconsistent terrain.

The large, wide tires coupled with its sturdy frame and raised pegs allow the rider to move quickly without compromising balance.

The Honda CRF 250X provides a very smooth ride in spite of the powerful 250cc engine. This unique quality imbues beginners with the confidence they need to practice and get better.

An additional advantage for short riders is that they can use a suspension lowering kit to lower the seat.

The bike’s balance is enhanced by a low center of gravity. The 254-pound weight of the bike is largely concentrated beneath the rider whose weight serves to bolster its balance.

The placement of the center of gravity also improves the bike’s handling which makes its safer and more reliable.

KTM 250 SX-F

If you seek to be a competitive rider in the future, then you can’t go wrong going for this bike.

The qualities that best exemplify the KTM 250 SX-F are power and the remarkable ease with which one rides it.

Moreover, any enhancements they make on the bike only serve to make it better.

The bike now features a four stroke 250 cc engine that has an electronic fuel injection system rather than a carburetor.

You can also expect to find electric starters which make the bikes easier to stop and re-start when navigating through rough terrain.

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Yamaha PW-50

This is the dirt-bike that Yamaha makes for young beginners aged between 3 and 7 years.

The bike has a 50cc engine and a seat that reaches a mere 18.7 inches in height.

This low placement ensures that your child’s feet can reach the ground to ensure they’re poised throughout the ride.

Parents will appreciate the adjustable throttle which can be tweaked to correspond with the child’s present abilities.

The bike also has an automatic gearbox which frees the children to have to their attention firmly on the road.

The benefits also extend to the financial given the bikes are cheap to maintain.

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Suzuki DR-Z70

The Suzuki DR-Z70 is ideal for beginners between the ages of 5 to 9. It serves an ideal step up from the 50cc range of dirt bikes given the marginally increased power and slightly elevated seat.

The adjustable throttle allows a beginner to develop a few skills before his/her parent can allow for increased speed.  

The Suzuki DR-Z70 also has an automatic gear-box which spares the children the hassle of having to learn gears.

This has the dual advantage of enhancing the fun of riding while limiting the children’s attention to a single thing which is in this case, controlling the movement of the bikes.

Kawasaki KLX110

The Kawasaki is built specifically for 7 to 10-year-olds. The advantage of this model is that it accommodates both beginners along with children who are graduating from smaller models.  

A special quality that differentiates the Kawasaki KLX 110 from bikes meant for younger riders is the fact that it introduces new features.

For starters, this bike will offer an introduction to the shifting of gears. The bike will, however, have an automatic clutch which will free the children from having to handle it simultaneously.

An additional quality is the increased speed which the children will begin to enjoy once they become skillful riders.

Suzuki RM85

The Suzuki RM85 is ideal for young beginners aged between 10 and 1 2 years old.

What makes it remarkable is that children who have not ridden the smaller versions are able to learn to catch up quickly with the rest.

This is a testament to its ease of use as well the feeling of control it gives the riders.

The bike also has low seats which are meant to ensure that young riders keep their feet firmly on the ground.

The sense of control this provides is a source of confidence.

You can also get cheaper spare parts. You can click here to buy a Suzuki RM85 clutch CNC from Amazon.

Suzuki DR-Z400S

The Suzuki DR-Z400S is a dirt bike built specifically for adults. A standout quality of this bike happens to be its weight which contributes to part of the reason why it’s suitable for beginners.

The heaviness and the strategic placing of the center of gravity beneath the rider ensure that balance is maintained.

Another advantage of the weight is the speed and traction it gives you when you’re going up hills. The Suzuki DR-Z400S is also very cheap to maintain which makes it convenient for a beginner to use. You can use this link to check the price of this dirt bike on Amazon.

Yamaha TTR-50

This bike was custom-built for young riders who have problems with excessive power and balance.

The bike’s motor is designed with the knowledge that a beginner will most likely abuse it during the learning process. As a consequence, the motor is prepared to stay in one gear for as long as it takes.

The expectation is that with increased practice the rider will learn how to brake, balance and control the throttle.

The seat is located closer to the ground to allow young drivers to keep their feet on the ground which contributes to more confidence. In the event the speed is too high for the rider, the throttle can be adjusted to keep the speed at a manageable level.

The Yamaha TTR-50 motor is launched using an electric power button rather than a kickstart.

A bonus feature for riders whose learning curve is longer than others is the introduction of training wheels. Such wheels can be attached to the bike to improve balance.

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Yamaha TT-R125LE

Unlike many of the dirt bikes in its range, the Yamaha TT-R125LE is built to cater to young beginners.

While certain accommodations have been made to this effect, the bike’s 124cc engine still ensures its great fun to ride.

What makes the bike even more fun is the effort made to ensure that young drivers are as comfortable as possible.

The seat, for example, isn’t highly placed. A move that’s meant to ensure that young beginners are able to feel their feet on the ground.

Beyond boosting balance, having their feet on the ground increases their self-assuredness.

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Honda CRF 230 F

Like its 250cc sister, the Honda CRF 230 F still bears the stamp of ease and reliability which makes it ideal for beginners.

The bike has a start button which is convenient when on the move as well as an agreeable throttle control that will never pull any surprises.

The Honda’s advantages also extend to its lightness which stands at 249 pounds.

Should a rider fall while riding, he or she can get up and pick up the bike with minimal difficulty.

The bike’s center of gravity is conveniently beneath the rider’s weight which assists in providing it with balance and making it easier for the rider to handle.

A common fear by many beginners is having to stand on the pegs once they encounter rough terrain.

Make sure before hitting the trails, you have all what you need, among them – spare parts.

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The advantage of the Honda CRF 230F in this regard is that the rider doesn’t have to stand once he encounters such terrain.

The cushy seat along with the suspension will ensure that your riding will be comfortable while the large tires will enable you to smoothly overcome obstacles.

You can, therefore, put off standing on the foot-pegs until you are ready.

KTM 150 SX

The prime benefit that makes this dirt bike ideal for beginners is the feeling of lightness and power that they possess.

The lightness further bolsters the sense of control that the rider feels which boosts confidence over time.

You should, however, slowly accustom yourself with the bike’s speed rather than going for the top speed on the first try.

What beginners need are readily available accessories to enhance their riding experience.

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Settling On the Ideal Bike

The ideal bike for you should be one that is easy to use, affordable, addresses your concerns regarding safety and, very importantly, one that is fun.

The whole reason for learning how to ride is to have a good time out there after all.

Armed with this information, selecting one bike from the above-stated options should be much easier.  

A keen understanding of your own limitations will also come in handy in helping you avoid costly mistakes e.g. buying a dirt bike that is too powerful to handle.

Daniel Mose

Daniel is a big fan of dirt biking. I own KTM 250 SX-F. I love learning how to maintain this dirt bike and ensure it lasts long while serving me without any issues. Join me in this journey as I document stuff that we, as dirt bike lovers, ought to know.

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