15 Signs You Are Ready to Buy a Dirt Bike

Are you ready to buy your first dirt bike? You may be asking yourself this question, but you can’t seem to find a perfect solution to your concerns.

Today I want to focus on how you can tell that you are ready to go out there and acquire your first bike. The best way to tell whether you are ready to take on the challenge ahead of you or not is assessing your level of preparedness.

Riding dirt bikes is an endeavor that isn’t so kind to those who lack mental and physical preparedness. Don’t even dream of borrowing someone’s bike to ride, let alone purchasing your own, if you can’t handle the pressure that comes with dirt bike riding.

In fact, purchasing your first dirt bike can be likened to first responders or soldiers who experience long hours of calmness before an emergency call for urgent action disrupts them.

Although you may have been riding your parent’s or friends’ bike for a while, you need to determine whether you are ready to remain disciplined and do the right thing when you eventually get your own bike.

Unfortunately, many average riders aren’t always ready to handle high-stress situations that come along with owning a dirt bike. If you compare dirt bike riding to any other activity that has the potential to cause harm, you will most likely take time to assess your level of preparedness before you order your first machine.

Being ready to buy your first bike includes mental, emotional, and physical readiness. You should also be prepared to crash and maybe cause a dent on your new machine.

Being mentally ready means that you are always alert and you can handle any pressure that comes with being a dirt bike owner.

Take a moment to assess your entire situation including the availability of funds before you start thinking of buying your first dirt bike. This post details the top 15 signs that you are ready to buy a dirt bike.

1. You Love Riding Just for the Sake of Riding

Another common sign that you are ready to buy your first dirt bike is that you love riding dirt bikes just for the sake of it.

If you discover that any reason you cite for riding a dirt bike is a mere excuse to ride it and the real reason why you love riding as often as you do is that you enjoy being on the wheels, you are ready for your first machine.

You will always take the slightest opportunity of riding that comes your way. You don’t know any other thing apart from being on the two wheels and enjoying life.

Whenever you want to get away and be with yourself and maybe clear your mind, the first thing that hits your mind is finding a dirt bike and racing away.

You don’t know any other thing that can bring that calming effect to your mind, and all you need is a perfect bike. This is a strong indication that you are ready to acquire your first dirt bike and you need to do so as soon as possible.

2. You Get Lost for Fun

Well, you don’t have to get lost literally to know that you are ready to purchase your first dirt bike.

However, if you love taking your parent’s or friend’s machine and you aren’t bothered with the route that you take as long as you know that you are riding a dirt bike, you might be ready for your first bike.

Realizing that you don’t know where you are offers you a new challenge to ride and explore new areas as often as you want. You have got that special connection with bikes, and as long as you are riding, you don’t worry about any other thing.

Your surroundings become more interesting, therefore, going out and seeking new surrounding is no longer something that you fear. In fact, you might feel like this is what you live for.

If this description fits you and you have got your first dirt bike, go out today and acquire one since there is a lot of exciting lifestyle that lies ahead of you and you need your own machine to enjoy to the fullest.

Let nothing stop you from taking your chances and exploring new environments.

3. Freedom to You Is Synonymous with Open Roads and Two Wheels

What is freedom to you? How do you spend the little free time that you get? It is quite easy to know if you are ready to buy your first dirt bike if you answer these two questions appropriately.

If being on the road and on two wheels makes you feel like you are thrilled and free, then you shouldn’t hesitate to buy a dirt bike.

If you are always looking forward to riding your parent’s or friend’s dirt bike whenever you are free, and you enjoy doing it, you need to start considering the idea of purchasing your first dirt bike since you are living like a biker.

Experienced riders out there aren’t afraid to hop on to their machines whenever they can since that is the only thing that brings peace to their minds. Their life is full of riding memories that they will never forget in their lifetime.

4. You Analyze Traffic Situations Even When You Aren’t on a Bike

Although you need to be extremely aware of your environment all the time, only a few people evaluate their surroundings critically.

If you have developed a habit of analyzing traffic situations critically even when you are walking, you need to go out there and get yourself a good dirt bike.

This means that you are ready to use your senses as much as possible to understand what is taking place around you and that is what good riders always do. This instinct won’t stop even when you are off a bike and simply walking down the street.

Sometimes, you might even be sitting in your office looking out through the window or relaxing in a coffee shop, but you find yourself analyzing the traffic situation and thinking that if I was there, this is what I would do.

No matter where you are, you seem to develop a better understanding of the things that happen and why they happen so that you may figure out the best action that you might take if you were riding a dirt bike.

5. You Love Working on Dirt Bikes

You might not be owning a dirt bike yet, but you simply love working on dirt bikes. You take time to ensure that your parent’s or friend’s machine is always in good shape even if they don’t pay you for the services that you offer.

You derive your satisfaction from knowing that the bike is in excellent condition. You might start doingthis as a joke, but you find it quite difficult to stop.

You might start with the little things such as checking the tire pressure, but with time, you find yourself taking more and more parts off the dirt bikes, and you are more comfortable doing it.

 The fear and uncertainty give way to an insatiable appetite for being sure that your parent’s or friend’s bike ticks the way it is supposed to by your own work. You might even start thinking of ways of modifying the bike to make it more efficient.

 If you can do all this on a machine that isn’t yours, it only makes sense to go out there and purchase your first dirt bike so that you can start to enjoy life and modify it in whatever way that you wish.

6. When You See Dirt Bikes on Television or in Movies, You Tend to Scrutinize Everything

Your eyes always wide and you become more attentive whenever you see a dirt bike on your screen. But that isn’t all. You also start to scrutinize it and analyze its performance even though you don’t see it physically.

You start asking yourself questions such as; is that its factory color? Did the manufacturer get the sound right? What modifications does it have? Is there something more that could be added to the bike?

In short, you are thrilled at the sight of dirt bikes. You want to know every single detail about dirt that comes across your eyes, and you aren’t willing to give up on your adventures.

If you possess such habits, you are already living the dirt bike lifestyle, and it only makes sense if you have got your own machine by your side.

7. You Find Yourself Living Between Road Trips

If you notice that you spend most of your days either reminiscing over the last road trip that you were part of or planning the next road trip yet you don’t own a dirt bike; you need to step out and acquire one as soon as possible.

If you can go on a wild road trip, then it means that you can handle a dirt bike more comfortably. If you have been hiring the bike that you have been using on your road adventures, make sure that you save enough money to get yourself a big and better ride.

This will save you a lot of money in the long run and ensure that nothing disrupts your adventure life. You need to keep in mind that you need exceptional riding skills to go on a successful road trip and you can only perfect your skills if you have your own machine.

Depending on hired dirt bikes to hone your skills might not be a good idea at all.

8. You Always Choose a Dirt Bike over Any Other Medium of Transportation

Whatever the case, it’s better in the wind. If you discover that you are a loyal disciple of this rule and you haven’t got yourself a dirt bike, you better do so as soon as possible since you are already living the biker life.

The only time that you might consider other means of transportation is when a dirt bike isn’t convenient at all. If the mere thought of taking public transport to the market, grocery store, or work scares you since you relish dirt bikes, make plans to acquire one as soon as you can.

 If you can’t go on a road trip in a car and you will always try to find a dirt bike to use, chances are you are ready for your first bike.

9. You Always Do the Wave or the Nod When Fellow Bikes Pass By

This move implies that you already understand everything about dirt bike riding and the only thing that you need to do is to acquire your own dirt bike.

If you already understand how to do the wave or nod whenever other dirt bike riders pass by, you already understand what it takes to become an expert rider, and you are ready to go.

Some people might think that you know the other riders, but the truth is that you only understand the riding culture and you appreciate the fact that you are part of the community.

This is a universal sign which represents a silent and agreement between riders. You acknowledge the rider and the love you have for dirt bikes.

It is like saying, I see you, I understand you, and I think you are pretty cool. If you are already at this level, you need to have your own bike to feel part of the community.

10. You Get Hooked on Track Days

If you love dirt bikes and your desire to acquire one is uncontrollable, you will always get hooked on track days since you want to see what experts can do.

You always want to see the various tricks and techniques that experienced riders possess since you know very well that one day you will get there and live your dream.

You may even have developed a habit of watching practice sessions of dirt bike experts since that is where you get true happiness in your life. You always mark your calendar for all tracks day weekends, and you can’t afford to miss any of them.

You book your space several days before the event just to make sure that you will be in the best position to witness the races. When it is a track day, it is all about you, your borrowed bike, and the track.

You always feel bad whenever you miss any track racing, and you will always be looking forward to the next event.

11. You Recognize Your Friends by Their Exhaust Sounds

All of us have friends, and we have developed unique ways of identifying our friends. But, there is something unique about dirt bike lovers about how they identify their friends.

If you can recognize your biker friends by the sound of their exhausts, then you are more than ready to go for your first bike.

They may be one mile away from your home, but you can identify Sam from Alex and Purity from Meghan based on the sound of their engines.

As someone may tell you nothing is as exciting as the glamorous sounds of Yamaha engines, the quasi-GP sound of the legendary Suzuki, or the amazing sounds of Honda.

And the good thing is that if you are a real biker, you can always tell which sound belongs to which dirt bike. If you are already at this stage and you don’t own a bike, you may still be miles behind your friends.

They are also waiting for that day when they will start to identify you by the sound of your engine.

12. Words Such as “Accelerator Pump” and “Gear Ratio” Makes Perfect Sense to You

If you can recognize and name most parts of dirt bikes, then you are ready to buy your first machine.

Don’t be surprised to learn that you can recognize the various parts of a bike better than you can remember and name some of your schoolmates. This is an indicator that you spend a lot of time studying dirt bikes and that knowledge becomes essential when you acquire your own bike.

You will always be in a better position to troubleshoot your bike whenever it breaks down unexpectedly. Even if you take it to a mechanical repair shop, you will always have an idea of what is happening.

This means that you will always be in a better position to fix some of the minor issues that may occur hence saving a lot of money in the long run.

13. You Spend Money on Biker Apparel than Anything Else

Do you find yourself spending a lot of money on dirt bike apparel than anything else in your life? Well, you are guilty as charged, and you need to get your first dirt bike as soon as possible.

Maybe, you have already bought everything that you need for riding and what is just remaining is the dirt bike itself. You are the kind of person who can’t pass by a shop with dirt bike apparel, and accessories without peeping in to see if there is something that you can acquire.

You love going for the highest quality, and you aren’t bothered by the number of dirt bike riding boots or gloves that you already have at home. You will still purchase another helmet even if it means that it is the 10th helmet that you are getting.

You are always thrilled with the idea of acquiring dirt bike accessories.

14. You Buy As Many Monthly Dirt Magazines As You Can

There are lots of dirt bike magazines out there, and if you find yourself purchasing as many as you can, then you need to go for your first dirt bike to be part of the global riding community.

You may have a lot of knowledge and possess exceptional riding skills, but as long as you don’t own a dirt bike, you won’t feel part of the community.

If you are always interested in dirt magazines and you can’t wait for the release date of the next copy, it only makes sense if you acquire your first machine and become a recognized dirt bike rider.

Who knows, you might even feature in some of those magazines as one of the great riders. You know that you are ready if you revel reading all the latest industry news, gear reviews, dirt bike reviews, and follow the tips highlighted in the magazines.

Basically, you always feel like you need more dirt bike information and these magazines always provide a great way to get it.

15. Dirt Bikes Are Your Only Cure

If a bad day on a dirt bike beats a good day at the office, you are ready to go out there and get the best dirt bike that you can afford.

Did you have a rough day at work? Got into a stupid argument? Your car broke down? Or the stock markets disappointed you?

If you feel like taking your dad’s dirt bike and going on a thrilling ride to relax your mind, then it means you are a dirt bike person, and nothing should hold you back from purchasing a good bike for yourself.

While it is usually regarded as bad practice to get out and hit the road while you are in a poor frame of mind if you play it right, you will not only return safe, but you will also be in much better shape at the end of the thrilling ride.


It doesn’t matter if you have been riding for a few months or years, figuring out the right time to go for your first dirt bike can be a little bit daunting.

You might be tired of borrowing your friend’s or parent’s bike whenever you feel like riding, and now you want your own. The above signs can help you establish whether you are ready to buy your first dirt bike or not.

I have tried to make the list as exhaustive as possible, and I hope that you enjoyed reading it. However, before you step out and start your shopping, make sure you assess your skills, riding style, and needs and determine which dirt bikes will fit you.

Have you already got your first dirt bike? Let me know how you approached the situation in the comments section. ty4

Daniel Mose

Daniel is a big fan of dirt biking. I own KTM 250 SX-F. I love learning how to maintain this dirt bike and ensure it lasts long while serving me without any issues. Join me in this journey as I document stuff that we, as dirt bike lovers, ought to know.

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