About Me

My name is Daniel Mose. I have grown to love dirt bikes. I got my first dirt bike in 2016.

If I’m not watching videos on dirt biking, you’ll find me reading articles and blog posts on dirt biking.

I also invest a lot of time in researching and writing content for this blog. This blog means a lot to me.

I believe it gives me joy to help anyone trying to start riding dirt bikes.

I have also recommended lots of useful gear that any dirt bike beginner should have.

Some of these recommended dirt bike gears are what I use or even what my friends use and I can vouch for them.

Dirt biking has ever since been my hobby. Every weekend I always make an effort to hit the trails.

Along the road, my nephews: Evan and Shadrack were born (2017) – my enduro buddies. Both are 3-years old and are all into dirt biking.

Ask them who their favorite motocross rider is. They’ll all yell: Graham Jarvis!

After winning the Erzbergrodeo Red Bull Hare Scramble 2019, they all want to be like Graham Jarvis.

I always hit the tracks with these two guys, talk about the boys weekend outings. For sure nothing beats the thrills that accompanies a day at the trails.