About Dirt Bikes

There is a lot to know about dirt bikes. Dirt biking for beginners can be as easy as you want it to be.

So to simplify things for any beginner out there, I’ll start by answering some frequently asked questions about dirt bikes.

As I started my journey on dirt biking, I always wanted to record every step of the way in order to help others improve by learning what I went through.

Of course, while on this path I had so many questions that I wished to have someone answer them for me.

I hope some of them will benefit you as you move from a beginner dirt bike rider to a pro.

If you stick to the end, I’ll make sure to add some useful tips to help you ride a dirt bike like a pro.

Here are questions we often asked ourselves as we begin the dirt biking sport:

What Age to Start Riding a Dirt Bike?

What is the right age to start riding a dirt bike? I believe that someone as young as a one year old can start riding a dirt bike.

The most important thing here is to ensure they get the right dirt bike for their level.

Additionally, somebody in their sixties – the young at heart can also start the enduro life.

This is to say that, you can start riding dirt bikes at whatever age. All you have to keep an eye on are some important parameters such as your height or weight.

You can then compare everything using the dirt bike size chart which displays various dirt bike sizes and find the right dirt bike for you.

You can find more on this by reading this post that I wrote here.